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PXL Range

We provide pendants and handsets
for ambulance, recovery vehicles


We Supply

PXL 3 Pendants

We supply PXL 3 Pendant for Ambulance & Recovery vehicles, with additional accessories.

PXL 6 Pendants

We supply PXL 6 Handsets to Road Sweepers, Ambulances & Recovery vehicles.

Emergency Stops

We provide emergency stops as an accessory to
our PXL pendent series.


We provide holsters for Pendants to add
protection to your product in the day to day environment.

Pendant Options

Physical Features
  • Super Slim rounded design
  • Various Handset Colours
  • Back Lit silicone buttons
  • Completely Back Resined
Customised For You
  • Customised backlit keypads
  • Customised colour option
  • Customised Marking on Rubber housing
  • Wire to your Specifications
  • Built for UK outdoors IP69K
  • EMC Compliant
  • Protected from spikes and voltage drops
  • Turns self off on a timer
Secure Data
  • Battery monitoring level
  • Coded Button Sequence
  • Data Logging of operation cycles
  • Show operation feedback