Falconex Ltd, Falconex, Control Boxes, Refuse Vehicles Falconex Ltd, Falconex, Control Boxes, Refuse Vehicles


We provide control boxes
for commercial refuse vehicles.


We Supply

BBE 4 Button

We assemble control boxes with four functions which are fully customisable.

BBE 5 Button

We supply Mushroom E - Stops for our BBE Control Boxes, fully customisable and adaptable to your vehicle.

BBE 6 Button

We provide multiple functions which are all customisable to your requirements.

BBE 8 Button

Whatever the refuse vehicle
we can deliver the correct control boc to your specificaitons.

Control Options

Physical Features
  • 40mm Push Buttons
  • Soft Pring Buttons
  • Finger Ring Guards
  • Recessed Front to protect buttons
Customised For You
  • Customised Labelling
  • Customised wiring options
  • Cable Gland Connectors
  • Wire to your Specifications
  • Built for UK outdoors IP69K
  • Buttons have UV protection
  • Wide range of accessories