Falconex Ltd, Falconex, Control Boxes, Refuse Vehicles Falconex Ltd, Falconex, Control Boxes, Refuse Vehicles


We provide rear and front lighting
for trailers, trucks and double decker commercial vehicles.


We Supply

Rear Lighting

We supply PXL 3 Pendant for Ambulance & Recovery vehicles, with additional accessories.

Vignal Work Light

We supply PXL 6 Handsets to Road Sweepers, Ambulances & Recovery vehicles.

COBO rear Light

We provide emergency stops as an accessory to
our PXL pendent series.


We provide holsters for Pendants to add
protection to your product in the day to day environment.

Lighting Features

COBO Lighting
  • EMC Compliant ECE R10
  • Type of Lighting: LEDs
  • Sealing degree: IP66 + IP69K
  • International Standard ISO 13207-1
Vignal Lighting
  • Compact and ultra slim
  • Additional connectors to connect flashing side markers
  • Dynamic indicator
  • Wire to your Specifications
  • Superseal Wiring
  • Can connect to our T-Block
  • Falconex Made the T-Block